By actor, for actors

Acting is an art form where you mainly focus on portraying someone or something. Often you portray an individual, but sometimes you may  portray an animal, an object or an emotion. Talented actors are good at entering the role of the person or object he or she is portraying and success is all about making the viewers believe that you in fact are what you are portraying and that the story you are telling is true. Education and experience are important keys to advancing as an actor, but talent is also essential.

Many people dream of becoming actors and there are many variations within the profession. For instance, being a theater actor or a screen actor is not the same thing. This blog is written by an actor - for aspiring actors. I will be sharing experiences and hand out solid advice to all of you youngsters out there who are dreaming about a career in the limelight.

Method Acting

29 Jul 2021

Method acting is one of the most well-known ways for a performer to truly inhabit their role. It encourages the actor to stay within the mindset of their character even when the camera is not rolling. A large number of modern actors utilize this kind of technique.

Finding Inspiration as an Actor

15 Jan 2020

To be an actor, you need to live with a character. All the emotions, feelings, toughts and inner fights that the character might subject to. To find inspiration as an actor, you can meet more people, get to know them and their life experiences.

New Forms of Entertainment

10 Dec 2019

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Sports gambling for the novice bettor

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Getting started on sports gambling

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How to Get Your First Acting Role

27 Nov 2019

As an aspiring actor, you are eager to get your very first acting role. How many auditions will you have to participate in before you accomplish your goal? Here is some tips on how to become confident and use all your acting skills to show off your talent.

The Drama of Poker

13 Nov 2019

If you’ve seen Casino Royale, you know the drama of poker. Casino Royale was made right after the big poker boom when they started showing all the championships online, and that’s why the switched the final game from baccarat, which it was in Flemming’s novel, to poker. The fate of the world may not hinge upon your poker match - maybe just a dollar or two - but I still find poker an enormously engaging way to apply myself online.

For actors, sometimes not reacting is as important as reacting. That means we have to work on our poker face so we can not look excited when we have a good hand. Bluffing is the heart of poker. Here’s a good article on it:

The thing I like about poker is that it’s a game that blends luck and strategy - that is, dealing with the cards you’re dealt. For me, the most important thing was to find a good Video Poker Strategy Guide (and I like the one at You can learn the best hands, rules of betting, and tips around bluffing. I prefer playing online because I’m still working on my strategy. After I have that down, I want to get to a table and clean house! ;-)